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An abstract is one of the first parts of your academic assignment that summarizes all aspects, methods, and arguments of your research results. Typically, you can use 120-270 words, depending on the type of paper and your professor's requirements.

Writing an abstract is necessary so that you can explain the essence of your academic assignment and create a springboard for further acquaintance with the detailed data. This part of the paper allows you to remember all the key points on which you emphasized. That is why students should be responsible for writing an abstract.

When to Write an Abstract

Many research papers involve adding an abstract to the overall structure. This is partly because it will help you state your position and your task's nuances more clearly. But when to write an abstract? Many people rely on logic. If this is one of the first pieces of your paper, why not start with this? This is fundamentally wrong. The point is that your abstract is a short excursion into the general context of your paper.

How to write an abstract for a research paper

Here you should indicate a general topic, all key questions, and problems. Besides, this section is a summary of all your methods and research. Moreover, you have to indicate all the results, arguments, and significance of your paper. Is this possible if you haven't written the text body yet and haven't even started your research? Most likely, the answer will be no.

Of course, writing an abstract is a lengthy process. This is why you need to leave this part for last. Complete all stages of data preparation and do your task. In the end, you can create an abstract easily, and it shouldn't take much of your time. Also, you can be guided by the data that you receive as a result of research.

Structure and Writing Style

Now it's time to decide on the right structure. This is important as you need to state all of your positions clearly. Writing an abstract implies a clear sequence, namely:

  • Introduction. This part will allow you to tell you which topic you have chosen. Also, you can post a little background here as an introductory element.
  • State the problem. Here you have to decide on a key question that will be the starting point in creating your paper.
  • Tell why this topic has not yet been fully researched, and why you are the first to try to answer important questions.
  • Explain your main idea and the methodology of your approach for creating this academic task.
  • Tell how you conducted your research, analysis of your topic, and data collection.
  • The final part deals with your key findings.

On the one hand, an abstract seems like a fairly simple piece of your paper. But the main problem is that there is a strict word limit and you have to be very laconic. This is why you should leave your abstract and start with the main paragraphs. Once you can put all the puzzles together, it will be easier to meet the word limit. That's how to create a good abstract.

Sample Abstract

When you know the general structure and the approximate sequence of presenting thoughts, then writing an abstract will no longer be a nightmare for you. However, it is best if you take a look at a few samples. This will help you understand the key differences between good and bad abstract.

Bad Abstract

This paper aims to understand the key fundamentals of an engineering capstone project. We will explain how research preparation, key elements of data collection, and professional mentoring can help students gain valuable experience. Next, we will analyze how to implement a capstone project using the example of seminars and lectures. The next step is the importance of evaluation. We will also learn about the results of creating the overall structure of the project. In the end, we will summarize and define the most important aspects of engineering design and point out the top relevant parts of the overall structure of this paper.

Good Abstract

One of the key barriers to analyzing and eliminating gender bias is the lack of information that could show the problem's size. This study aims to quantify the extent of gender bias towards female programmers in Egypt. The major findings that emerged were as follows: a) Since 1981, Egypt has experienced a rapid increase in the number of women who have completed high education. b) Considering the analysis of the level of wages, social benefits, paid vacations, and the level of assessment of professional skills, a clear majority (69%) of female programmers expressed a sense of equality or superiority over their male colleagues. c) The main problem found in the research was gender bias and the artificial limitation of female programmers on the way to leadership positions. Most of the women interviewed reported unequal rights and a sense of discrimination.

Making an abstract is a rather tricky process that requires strict adherence to the sequence. Let's analyze a bad example. It's a relatively good start, as the author begins writing the paper with a summary of the goals. But then comes the less informative part and the distance from the clear technical style. You cannot use "I" "We," "They" in your abstract. Also, the first sample contains no results and only has a general structure.

Now let's turn our attention to a good abstract. Here you can see a clear topic, purpose, and main issues. The summary is very convenient for understanding the essence of the paper. Besides, there are general results here, which are critical for this type of assignment. This is why it is important to pay attention to samples before you decide to write your abstract.

Tips for Writing an Abstract

This part of the paper may seem daunting, and it is true. But it will be easier for you to deal with your abstract if you stick to these tips. State the main problem (the purpose of your research). Explain why this is important in the context of your paper and what your goal is. Also, you should create your abstract after you have finished the main body of your assignment. Then you can operate with facts and results. This will help you create a great abstract.

You should stick to the word count. Write your abstract as required by your professor. This means that you have to shorten sentences and leave only the most important information. You should also be laconic and stick to the facts. This will help make your abstract more logical and emphasize the importance of research.

By the way, there is another obvious tip to help you avoid mistakes. If you made your abstract first, you must review and update this after writing the paper. This will avoid mistakes and inaccuracies.

Checklist: Abstract

You now have a general understanding of how you should start your assignment. You should be brief. Write your abstract adhering to this checklist. The fact is that the beginning of your assignment requires a huge preparatory stage, which is comparable in time to the main paragraphs and sections. So, here's your checklist:

  • Motivation
  • Problem statement
  • Methodology
  • Key concepts & terms
  • Abstract results
  • Implications

Motivation is very important to your abstract. Why did you choose a particular topic? Describe the importance of your assignment and the overall level of difficulty. The second stage is the problem statement. Formulate the key message of your task. Stating the core problem is very important. Sometimes it is possible to describe this before the motivation if the selected topic is relevant. Your abstract should contain a methodology with research results and an interpretation of the data obtained. You should also include any important concepts, terms, names, and anything else that will help make your abstract more consistent.

You should also include the results of your data investigation. What have you achieved, and what is your conclusion? This is important for your abstract. But you have to stick to specific facts. Don't use epithets like "significant results." Your abstract should rely solely on research results and no value judgment. The implication is the final step in this checklist. Your abstract should show what impact your research will have on a specific topic. State the consequences of your answers and the data provided.

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