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After you start college, you will have to come to terms with the fact that your life will be much more intense than before. This is partly due to the fact that you have to accept paper writing as a part of your life. It won't be a simple walk in the park. Of course, there are many essays and other assignments that will not take more than a few hours. But what about writing an academic research paper? Are you ready to spend a few weeks of your life on such an activity?

This is a rather tricky task, which involves several preparation stages and must meet all academic requirements. By the way, you shouldn't forget to follow the research paper format. The funniest thing is that no one will give you tasks in turn. Probably you are familiar with the situation where you complain to someone, "I've been buried in writing for three weeks." At the same time, you may understand that you will not be able to create a professional paper.

Some people find it so difficult to cope with such tasks that they lose track of time. For example, you might think that you only spent thirty minutes on your thesis statement, but more than six hours have passed. This is a clear sign of overwork, and you should put aside your research paper to get some sleep. Your goal is to gain knowledge, but not chronic fatigue or a nervous breakdown.

How do I Know What My Professor is Looking for?

The flip side of such a paper is your professor's requirements. Surely you have at least once been in a situation where you do not understand what you need to do. But you shouldn't panic. Professors assign writing for a reason. As a rule, they have a clear structure for each type of paper. This is because your professor needs to have time to look through dozens or even hundreds of assignments. That is why he (or she) creates ideal conditions to save time and provide some standardization.

How to write a research paper

It all starts with the research paper format and ends with no clear steps for the student. Some professors think figuring it out yourself is good for you. But writing a research paper without a clear understanding of the sequence of actions is like roulette. Add to that constant stress and chronic fatigue, and you can see why so many people hate writing a research paper so much.

Some professors value transparency and make it clear what they want to see in your paper. Such people deserve their place in Paradise. But what if you are deprived of such an instructor? Then your college research paper will become a real nightmare for you. Moreover, you will have to spend several days finding someone to help you clarify the paper requirements.

The Main Parts of Each Research Paper

Let's say you have received acceptable answers to your questions and are ready to start writing. What are the main steps you should take first? How to write a research paper? These are good questions. Almost every task has common features and even whole points. The major parts of a research paper are:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Method
  • Findings and analysis
  • Discussion
  • References

Most likely, you have already experienced a slight headache from listing all the points. But let's focus on each part. Then not only this paper but also any thesis will be more understandable for you. So let's start with an abstract. Regardless of the academic level, you have to show the specific goal of your task. Group all the problems of your research and the results found.

The introduction also plays an important role because you need to talk about your topic. This part of your research paper is especially important in the background and the approach chosen. You should talk about the problem you will be studying and make a short structure of the entire assignment. This is also the right place for your thesis statement.

A literature review is a must for every college research paper. Typically, you will have to specify all the trusted sources you will refer to in your assignment. Also, this part allows you to give a clear picture of your knowledge of the subject. Pay special attention to this part of your academic task, and do not include sources you are not sure about.

The method is the part of your professional paper that your professor will use to assess the quality of your writing skills and the credibility of your research. Typically, you will need to indicate how you obtained the data and how you analyzed it.

Findings and analysis is the first thing you should think about before writing a college research paper. Here you should indicate what results you achieved and what data you received after you finished your research. Unlike any thesis statement or other parts, here you have to activate all your knowledge for successful writing. It's crucial if you want to create a good research paper.

Discussion is critically important as an interpretation and indication of the value of your research paper. Explain what problems you identified and how this will help in confirming or refuting certain hypotheses. Your professor should see how far you have come and how much information you could analyze. Try to write a research paper carefully. Pay attention to the formulation of your thoughts.

Writing a research paper reference is critical because you have to show what publications in magazines, encyclopedias, and other reliable sources you relied on. Your writing task should not be based on Wikipedia articles or any blogs. Only trusted sources will be important to your professor. That's how to write a research paper.

How to Do Such a Writing Task: Steps to Follow

To shed light on how to start writing a research paper, let's begin with the basics. Assignments like these require a tremendous amount of attention to detail, so many people can easily get it wrong at some point. These steps will help you complete the assignment. Here's what you should do:

  • Check your paper task and pick the topic
  • Do a research
  • Form a thesis statement
  • Make an outline
  • Write, edit & proofread
  • Read your research paper

As you can see, writing is not a picnic. You will have to study in detail the requirements for such an assignment and all the nuances that your professor will point out. If you can choose a topic yourself, then you need to strike some balance between exclusivity and the ability to find relevant information.

Writing a research paper includes data analysis with further interpretation. If you choose a too complex topic, you will have to spend a lot of time organizing all the points. At the same time, your professional paper should focus on a specific problem rather than general research involving many variables.

Write a research paper and start with a thesis statement. This is the first point where you should specify the main idea of your professional paper. It will allow you to indicate the significance of your efforts and the importance of the selected topic. Your paper outline will provide a structure to follow.

So it's time to write a research paper. Analyze all the data you find and follow the structure of your writing assignment. You should most likely start with a draft and split the text body into several parts to not get confused in chronological order. Writing a research paper involves the use of citations and direct references to various sources. If you use this, then you need to indicate where you found certain data and what your claims are based on.

Well, let's assume you have completed the main part of your writing task. Now is the time to pay attention to the technical aspects. What begins after writing? The right answer is editing and proofreading. Review each paragraph carefully. You have to find all grammatical errors, inaccuracies, and other inconsistencies with the requirements.

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